Local Businesses and Web Sites

It seems that most successful businesses these days have web sites, even businesses that service only certain geographic areas. On the web, where the market place is global, localized businesses can be at a great disadvantage. A Local Business Web Site Example Lets use the example of a car cleaning businesses. The business only cleans cars in a specific city, yet wants to use their web site to create more business. Time and money is invested in marketing the site in the search engines, paying...

Internet Marketing Strategies for Local Business

Now more then ever profitable opportunities exist to promote your local business on the Internet. Through search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, email marketing and local listings, you can connect with a willing audience. Your customers are turning to the Internet to find local products and services. If your competitors have an online presence and you don’t, guess who gets to take home the prize. Below are several crucial techniques for promoting your business regionally: Lis...

List Your Local Business for Free on Google and Yahoo

As a local business owner you wear many hats and you have countless responsibilities. Consequently you’re not always able to follow-up on opportunities that could advance your business. It is the nature of running a business. Once an awhile an opportunity comes along that you absolutely should not pass up. In this case it is a business listing on both Google and Yahoo local. Not only can it generate targeted traffic in your area, but the listing is FREE. And here is another reason why you nee...

Download Your Free Online Business Management Guide

Get your free Online Business Management Guide. Putting your offline business online is a crucial step to growing and maintaining your customer base and your profits. Few business owners have the skills or the time to keep up with advancing new technology and social interaction of websites, home computers and mobile devices. After all you should be doing what you do best - running your business. However creating an online presence for your local business is one of the most important thing...