The Power of Local Email Marketing

As a local business owner you realize the opportunities available on the Web, but you probably do not have the time or money to invest into a full blown web presence. The obstacles and costs in building a web site keep many local businesses on the sideline. But as a local business there is an opportunity to exploit the marketing power of the Internet at little or no cost, and it does not require a web presence. Through email marketing you can have a direct conduit to both your customers an...

Local Advertising In Business Directories

For decades, local businesses could rely on word of mouth and traditional print services to garner customers. If the local businesses had a good or service that they wanted to promote, they could just call up the local newspaper and ask for an advertisement. However, as media has evolved towards more sophisticated routes such as the Internet, it has become increasingly more difficult (and oftentimes prohibitively expensive) for local businesses to stand-out against the crowd by advertising in bo...