Press Release Marketing

Press releases are a useful form of communication for many businesses, both large and small.

A press release is a written communication specifically directed to the media. Its purpose is to announce or communicate something that is important, interesting or newsworthy.

Basically, it is a way for a company to tell the media about something that it wants people to know about on a large scale.

These press releases can be sent out through a variety of avenues, including through the mail, via e-mail, faxing or as part of a press kit.

Press releases are usually sent to editors of magazines, newspapers, blogs, online news sources, TV stations and radio stations. Usually a press release is found in a written letter form, but they can also be found in video or audio form. Press releases can be used in both the online and the off-line world.

The goal is to get the media outlet to publish the release, therefore helping the company spread its message.

The typical press release can vary depending on the type of company that is using it and according to what message it is attempting to spread.

For example:
Many small businesses will use a press release to communicate to its customers about its new product or service. They can be a very helpful tool for building up the public’s awareness about a subject. They can also be used to alter the public’s opinion about a specific topic. A lot of companies will use a press release to announce a special event or to gather interest for a charity organization.

Anything that a business wants its customers and potential customers to know can be communicated through a press release. Press releases are sometimes called ‘media releases’ or ‘news releases’.

They serve to keep the public up-to-date with what is happening with your business.